Antiquated paper drawing systems are a costly problem, DAD is the solution.


Document preparation is embedded in the design process but it is not design in itself. Instead it is a paperwork exercise wasting about 90% of the total design effort.

The preparation of documents does not end with design. Project management, construction and operations create additional mountains of paper because the design documentation does not fill their needs.

With current antiquated paper and drawing systems no amount of work, time or money eliminates the errors in the drawings and documentation. The errors are a by-product of the current systems.


DAD is a digital asset delivery application. Antiquated systems created numerous drawings and documents to represent a single real life system part. In DAD each real life system part has an equivalent single digital object, or digital twin, and all information is stored as part of the single digital object.

Using DAD the process totally changes. Now input information is added as data to a software object. The objects make up the SIM which delivers all data to users on request in a suitable form. Design is faster and more accurate and cost is reduced by about 90%.

The SIM is issued by Design to Project Management and Construction. These teams can find and re-use data almost instantly. They have tools in the Work Manager portals to plan, monitor and manage their activities.


Costs are significantly less when using DAD compared to traditional methods of design and engineering. Work is fundamentally simpler leading to unprecedented productivity gains.

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DAD Features


Quickly develop materials and hours estimates using DAD


Design a comprehensive and coherent solution using DAD


Paperless design reviews with extensive audit trail using DAD


Procure all system components and cables directly from DAD


(& Commission) Develop workpacks, test sheets and monitor progress using DAD


(& Operate) Schedule ongoing equipment tests using DAD

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