3D Model based BIM and other solutions have no way of modelling these connected systems. Cables and connections simply do not exist in any 3D model. The only solution is the non-spatial SIM which could easily be linked to the 3D model based applications. DAD solves this 3D to 2D non-spatial problem.
While electrical (power, control, and ICT) systems are advancing rapidly, they still generate information as paperwork. Of course; lists, documents, and drawings are now digital files, but their formats remain unchanged.
System engineering is held back by paperwork. Design documentation is a bad foundation causing other parties to create more paperwork. So much uncontrolled information exists that it is impossible to find the true state of a system. DAD changes all that. The value of this change is found in two easily observed facts:
1. Information in DAD can be found in less than 1% of the time typically taken in documents.
2. Information in DAD can be edited in less than 5% of the time typically taken in documents.

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