Collaborative, flexible and powerful


DAD is a software package for collaborative development, modelling and management of complex systems. It allows the vast array of people required to build, maintain and manage complex systems, the ability to work cooperatively and flexibly on a single system information model that describes hardware and software components and relationships.

Any complex system, either greenfield or brownfield, can be modelled in DAD. It takes time-consuming processes that are typically paper-based, and turns them into simple, streamlined, digital workflows.

DAD provides a focal point for all workflow processes, capturing how the system is built, how it functions, how it connects, the iterations in its development and design, maintenance, asset registration and more.

This is a tool for any stage of the system lifecycle and can be used to connect and coordinate all activities by managers, engineers, construction and operators.

Created by systems engineers and used on major projects by leading companies around the world, DAD brings order and clarity to the management of complex systems and assets.


In engineering, and in all disciplines of engineering, the effort to deliver a system is complex. Large systems are made up of a significant number of parts (the modern car for example, has a significant number of sensors compared to that of the 1980’s car, therefore more complex to explain). During the design of these systems there is a significant effort in defining what each parts function is. Current practices split the work into many separate teams and stages. Information is stored in documents such as drawings, datasheets, vendor installation instructions, vender manuals, the list is endless. With the significant number of documents there are also different teams electrical, mechanical, control teams and others all working on the same parts but not necessarily at the same time or for the same purpose.

This problem has led to a variety of issues with documentation and disciplines not aligning and information being lost, misunderstood, incorrect and in some cases dangerously inadequate.

There are system solutions currently available to deal with some aspects, and in particular 3D modelling and BIM. These systems all aim to support the assets (parts) but do not support the connected system.

DAD and I&E Systems Pty Ltd has been involved in connected systems for over 25 years dealing with how parts interact, particularly in electrical and control systems and have used a variety of software tools which to this day do not address the connected system.

The DAD software package has addressed the connected systems and bridged that gap.