Hitachi Deploys DAD

When it comes to Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) projects, Hitachi is known for its commitment towards excellence in this domain. Hitachi’s Industry & Distribution Business Unit is the leading provider of cutting-edge industrial solutions with a track record of providing superior original technologies, products and solutions. This has allowed Hitachi to grow and expand globally through organic growth and strategic acquisitions.

As part of a recent mega project , the opportunity arose for Hitachi to enhance its best practices and efforts for continuous improvement through use of Information Technology in a differentiating way. DAD software has become the centrefold for the evolution of Hitachi’s Project Information, Visualization & Optimization Tool (Hi – PIVOT).

By developing first a System Information Model (SIM) with DAD, it became possible to identify and consolidate Electrical & Instrumentation design queries, which can be addressed in a timely fashion before construction. The SIM provides comprehensive project information, as it combines web-based collaboration and sharing of design information with asset documentation generated by Hitachi’s sub – suppliers. Subsequently, the emergence of a pre-defined activity model for construction is consolidated with the SIM’s as-set model and this has led to a construction activity model that utilizes the popular Deming Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) methodology. Hi-PIVOT becomes then part of a construction portal with historical records of related activities. This allows project stakeholders to generate visualization of construction status by work package, work steps, plant areas, etc. from anywhere in the world, including Hitachi’s headquarters and project offices.