New | Virtual Hosting

DAD have added virtualised hosting of both the DAD server and DAD application to their options for Data Centre hosting. Clients can select this option to access their SIM and Portal data efficiently without the conventional IT obstacles normally associated with accessing systems beyond the secure corporate IT domain. This “turnkey” facility allows new DAD clients to get a flexible, secure solution up and running within a single business day, instantly accessible by authorised users around the globe.

Clients can now access the DAD SIM and Portals and associated applications (e.g. PDF Viewer, MS Excel etc.) from any platform including MS Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and iOS without the need to install any software other than the remote desktop client software, downloaded from iTunes, Google Play Store or the 2xRDP website.

DAD technical personnel support the DAD server and Remote Application Server software. Concurrent 2xRDP user access licenses with secure authentication and logins are made available to authorised DAD SIM/Portal clients. Current users are based in Perth, Brisbane, Sydney, Gladstone, Tokyo, Milan, Athens and Saudi Arabia. These users have secure, 24×365, high speed access to the full capabilities of the DAD SIM and Portals. Back-office IT housekeeping tasks are taken care of by the Data Centre guaranteeing continuous availability of all SIM and Portal data.