Aurizon Railway Signalling Project modelled in DAD

Aurizon – Australia’s largest rail freight operator and a top 50 ASX Company is current using DAD in a world-first Railway Signalling Project in Queensland. An existing site in the Aurizon network is being modelled using DAD SIM in the first stage of a project to replace an obsolete vital logic processor with a new generation system. Aurizon’s vision is to develop a Common Data Environment for lifecycle Asset Management of their extensive rail network across Australia. The DAD SIM and DAD Portals facilitate lifetime digital management of the system assets with a detailed audit trail in the system logs of every activity from conceptual design through to eventual decommissioning.

Aurizon’s multi-disciplinary Digital Engineering initiative will aim to significantly reduce overall lifetime costs, by working smarter. In-house signalling engineers are building a baseline model of the existing system in the DAD SIM. A copy of this baseline model will be modified to create a model of the final system. This work will define the detailed scope and specific tasks that will make up the actual system upgrade. The DAD Construction Portal will then be used for to plan and execute construction, testing, commissioning and final hand-over of the working system without the use of conventional drawings and paper-based records. Comparable projects in other industries have demonstrated the potential for very significant savings throughout the project stages and asset lifetime.

I&E Systems is only providing Aurizon with DAD training and assistance where necessary to ensure that these results are achieved. This project is expected to lead the way for widespread use of DAD within Aurizon and for other Rail operators elsewhere in Australia and worldwide.