DAD – Digital Asset Delivery

Systems are sets of interacting and interconnected elements that together form an integrated whole.  Systems are everywhere and may be highly complex.

DAD is a digital model* in which interacting and interconnected elements form a single data set.

The model/system twin supports a system for its life.  It logs changes and work tasks automatically.
It is fundamentally different to the traditional documentation:

      • Documents are multiple data sets and inherently incoherent.
      • A model (a single data set) is inherently coherent.

Eliminating documentation cuts lifetime costs; faster design; less rework and waste in delivery; reduced risk during commissioning and operations; and improved data availability (system knowledge) for life.
The model/system twin is a breakthrough innovation with new features as such:

      • Data as if you were dealing with the real system.
      • The system response to configuration changes and/or faults is predictable.
      • All work can be coordinated.
      • Change management is controlled. The model history provides an audit trail.

DAD’s benefits flow mostly to system owners.  Suppliers and contractors prefer to retain documentation as it is more profitable.  There are proven mutually beneficial applications of DAD on new system projects.  We can advise on these.

There are far more existing systems than new ones and DAD has a practical solution for them.  See Here

* We have named this digital model a SIM (System Information Model).

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