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System Information Modelling (SIM) manages information about power, control, communication and other systems across an assets life including technical, commercial and operational data.

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System Modelling

DAD describes any system as a data model removing the need for excessive drawings and lists, slashing ownership costs. DAD is simple to use and easily adopted at any time during system life.

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Innovative Efficiency

DAD provides lower cost on working systems and a degree of autonomy. Each team member is bound together by the data and activities can be coordinated with far less effort than before.

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Lifetime Solution

A coherent system information model (SIM) provides a common platform for system life. Work status, records of all activities and full history of equipment is available for the lifetime.

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DAD is an engineering application for connected systems.

Find data in less than 1% of the time

Enter data in less than 5% of the time

Users work in a collaborative framework for all stages of system life cycle