DAD – Digital Asset Delivery

DAD is a data modelling tool for systems and other assets.  Users build a model to represent their system.  This is called a System Information Model or SIM, where the data takes the form of the system itself.

 The SIM is valid for the whole life.  It can be created in design and be reconfigured along the lifetime as the system evolves.  One SIM – One System for life.

 The SIM binds users so they work in harmony and it coordinates teams.  It eliminates duplication of effort.  The latest data is always available to every user.

 The SIM has a history containing every change and action allowing users to track the performance of the system across its life.

 DAD is an innovative breakthrough substantially reducing cost and risk for asset owners.  It is well proven in use with many organisations.

 DAD can be deployed progressively to reduce the impact of the transition on users.

 You can perform a low-cost Proof of Concept exercise for your own application now.

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