DAD is a digital engineering tool for complex systems

DAD uses a digital model (SIM) to improve efficiency in design, construction, and operation of systems.  It solves major issues such as:

·         High costs and delays in delivery

·         Ownership risks due to uncertain information.

The SIM is a structured data set which brings a system to life on the screen as happens with mechanicals in 3D CAD.  Users explore the SIM as if it were the real system but now have all data at their fingertips.

DAD is a breakthrough enabling true digital engineering.

System delivery is simplified.  Design creates the SIM.  Construction work with SIM.  Progress, problems, and changes are handled in SIM feedback loops.  Coordination of tasks is easier using data relationships in the SIM.  Project management can constantly monitor system delivery.

During commissioning DAD improves situational awareness, assists work management, records tests and allows the lessons learnt to be shared with Operations.

Lifetime operations are simplified.

·         Operators have on-line knowledge of the system.  Electrical isolations and permits can be managed better.

·         Maintenance teams use objects to plan and record work done on real items one-to-one.  The diagnosis and repair of faults are faster.

·         Operational history is logged in the SIM.  Compliance with requirements is recorded.

The lifetime management of systems assets is improved. 

The inherent uncertainty of documentation has been eliminated.

The SIM is fully configured by the users to their requirements.  Thus DAD can handle power, control and network systems.  These can be new or existing:

·         New systems start with the design team creating a SIM.

·         Existing systems start with “as-building” and data import to create the SIM.

 DAD can transform how we work with systems.  Most paperwork can be eliminated, and procedures simplified.

 DAD improves lifetime system asset management.

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