Practical, proven, simple to deploy and easy to adopt


Advanced system technologies enable the greater automation and monitoring of assets for greater productivity. However, the continued use of traditional documentation (under a digital veneer) is a major obstacle to improved asset management. DAD delivers system engineering without documents and enables improved asset management.

DAD uses a software model to describe system hardware and software, how it is built and how it functions. Complex interactions are simple to understand and clearly visible. People work together in the model just as they must on the real system. Their actions are easily managed and coordinated: design enters data and other parties use the data to plan and execute work. System management is simplified: the current state of the system is always available there is a log of all changes.

Cost and risk of system engineering are hugely reduced. These gains clearly demonstrate the massive inefficiency of current document-based engineering.

DAD is practical and proven, simple to deploy and easy to adopt. It has been developed over a long period by a system engineering firm. You can see this for yourself with a simple proof of value exercise.