DAD is a digital engineering tool for complex systems

DAD is based on a data model containing

  • how the system was built (designhow to build it)
  • what it does and how it does it (designwhat it must do and how)
  • all work done to the system.

Documentation forces system data into traditional pictorial forms that are inconsistent.  Documents amplify system complexity.
The model treats the system as a holistic data set.  In this form complex issues can be understood by all.
DAD substantially improves productivity in design, construction and operations.

The model brings teamwork as the actions of one user are seen immediately by all users.  So work done in real life are promptly reported to the model.  Field and office work together closely.

The model is made up of objects (entities) bound in multiple relationships.  These can contain layers explaining different understandings of the system and assist teams to see how their actions may affect overall behaviour.  It bridges conceptual gaps between:

  • hardware and software
  • human interfaces and system
  • plant response to system actions (closing the loop).

DAD is in daily use in power, control, ICT and other applications.
DAD can be used for new systems and is uniquely powerful for legacy systems

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