Centralised single source data delivers accuracy and efficiency.


DAD is a software tool for the management of systems. The core of DAD is a System Information Model (SIM) containing all system information and connections as data. This model can be queried to immediately retrieve the latest information on any cross-section of the system. It is centralised single source data on a one to one relationship with each system counterpart. DAD is the unrivalled application handling systems parts and connections.

Information is easily accessible

It can be queried to retrieve:

  • Take off materials
  • Identify and trace full circuits
  • Identify connections between components, panels or even areas of plant
  • And a great deal more

Every data object has a log

That can:

  • Track all changes
  • Provides an audit path for the system
  • Improves teamwork
  • And a great deal more

DAD Features


Quickly develop materials and hours estimates using DAD


Design a comprehensive and coherent solution using DAD


Paperless design reviews with extensive audit trail using DAD


Procure all system components and cables directly from DAD


(& Commission) Develop workpacks, test sheets and monitor progress using DAD


(& Operate) Schedule ongoing equipment tests using DAD

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