DAD is a System Information Model (SIM) where interconnected objects represent any real system. It will create data suitable for use across the complete lifetime.

In 2015 one of our clients Fortescue Metals used DAD to design and construct the power, control and communication for the North Star project in a paperless manner. Their project team were able to reduce waste, rework and delay to achieve very significant savings and fastest ever plant start up.

Cost Savings

Engineering, design and site 63%
Construction ~20%

The SIM objects give immediate access to all properties, connections and reference files for the system equipment. This information replaces the functions of traditional documentation and makes lifetime engineering more efficient and easier to manage.

Additionally the object have behaviours which enable new and exciting tasks to be performed. In a short space of time you can, for instance:

  • Find all cables to loads of similar rating to check cable sizes and types.
  • Review a (paper based) design for constructability.
  • Find construction progress and list outstanding issues.
  • In operations ensure compliance with (statutory) requirements.

As the objects are made by users the types of systems for which DAD has been used is diverse:

  • Power and motor control
  • Control (PLC, DCS, etc.)
  • Fire and Gas, Shutdown and Safety
  • Networks, FTTx, communications.
  • Signalling.

We developed DAD with an objective of reducing engineering errors and then reducing costs in our own systems engineering business. Features were tested and refined on many projects. We applied project savings to fund R&D creating a suitable environment for the lengthy effort to develop DAD to its current state.